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Our team is growing! Learn more about our Founder and Board Members! If you'd like to be a part of our team or board, send us an email to [email protected]!

Master Teacher Kristie Terrell (KC)

Founder & Executive Director

Services: Reader, Reiki, Medium, Spiritual Counseling, Extrasensory Trainer, Ordained, Chakra Reader/Cleansing 

Our primary practitioner Master Teacher Kristie received her training in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Reiki School and Clinic. She then relocated to North Carolina where she obtained her Master Teacher training. Gifted with a natural talent for healing, MT Kristie has been practicing Reiki professionally for over 10 years, and has been a spiritual counselor for over 12 years. Contact us today for her services, including those extending beyond Reiki and Spiritual Counseling. Kristie is also available for panel discussions, public speaking events, and motivational speeches.

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All treatments and services provided are for entertainment purposes only.

Spiritual Consultant Maureen

Services: Reader, Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Custom Crystal Jewelry Specialist

Maureen graduated with a B.A in Nursing, and has excelled in the field of nursing for many years. She also has spent her life studying and perfecting her knowledge of crystals and crafting. Her other passion besides nursing is being a Spiritual Consultant who provides real down to earth guidance. With a variety of Oracle & Tarot cards, her spiritual gifts, as well as her expertise in healing crystals, Maureen can provide further solutions for your physical, emotional & spiritual needs! Beadifully Mine is her beloved jewelry brand that we display at the Hangout.

Despite Maureen's expertise in her field, the information she provides does not take the place or supersede any medical advice from any healthcare professional.

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 All treatments and services provided are for entertainment purposes only.

Our Board Members 

Cameron Denson

Board Member

Assistant professor of science, technology, engineering & math education at NC State. Cameron's passion has always been digital media which he also teaches! He received his doctorate at the University of Georgia. Cameron enjoys being involved in uplifting the community and conveying important messages the masses. One way he does this is through film making. In his most recent film, Black Pulp, Cameron deals with the serious and controversial issue of sex trafficking. Cameron encourages his students to write and shoot their own creative TV shows, music and documentary-style narratives, to build their confidence in their own voice and message to the world.

Kandyce E​llis

Board Member

Studied at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Business coach, Real estate teacher and creator of Naturalux natural hair and body products. Kandyce has a passion for belly dancing, line dancing, and animals. She also enjoys supporting the community in creating a functioning network of people. Kandyce encourages people to take real steps towards their goals in life, instead of just idle dreaming about what they love. 

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