2016 Events

June 19th 2017 - Caring House. 

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With a Line out the tent, we were touched by how many people we could reach at Charlotte's Hippie Fest! Big thanks to Author and Life Coach Pamela Terrell for hanging out with us! See you all again soon.

Hippie Fest April 22, 2017

Media Videos

We are always out there spreading our message and words of acceptance. Check out what we have to say below!

Hangout with Us

This video is about looking past all the things that separate us and seeing people along their beliefs through the eyes of compassion and understanding. Sometimes we miss out on getting to know great people because we have already made up our minds about them based on demographics, beliefs and/or sometimes skin color. Sometimes we are just curious and to us, that is perfectly okay, too.

Send Me

This is a spoken word poem that our founder wrote herself, inviting people from all walks of life to The Holistic Hangout Inc. and to share in the experience of being ourselves safely and openly.

        In The News

            Sometimes people give kudos for what we do out in the community and when they do we like to   share what people are saying about us!

Ho Ho Hope Fundraiser and Sponsorship!

New Bethel Christian Church gave us an awesome shout out in their article!

Shout out From Caring House

Such a wonderful experience for the Holistic Hangout and our volunteers. We hope to serve again there soon!​